Secure and manage APIs of any kind: cloud, SaaS, web-services, micro-services, or IoT.

Secure API Manager

Protect your APIs against rising attacks

NetIQ Secure API Manager provides a specialized layer of security for public-facing APIs that are frequently used as an interface to valuable, and often sensitive, information. Serving as an API security layer, the gateway is designed to be deployed in your DMZ, while the authentication and access control components are kept safe behind the firewall.

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API lifecycle management for your team

The developer portal provides full authentication and access control, so you can use it as a collaboration center for joint publication across internal and partner development teams. It includes an interactive API test console where notifications are sent to subscribers with results and updates, providing you with API lifecycle management covering from start to publication.

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Manage APIs and scale traffic

NetIQ Secure API Manager enables you to segment production traffic from sandbox sessions, ensuring a higher level of API security as well as protection against unexpected performance degradation. The API Manager usage and latency reports enable you to spot anomalies and manage your SLAs. You can follow up on those reports by tracing and observing API requests directly.

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