Best Practices for Implementing Smarter Testing in the Enterprise Learn more
Best Practices for Implementing Smarter Testing in the Enterprise

Functional Testing

Intelligent multi-platform functional test automation with AI-based capabilities.

Test earlier and faster with Micro Focus’ functional testing solutions. Combine extensive technology support with AI-driven capabilities. Deliver the speed and resiliency that supports rapid application changes within a continuous delivery pipeline.
Deliver a high-quality multi-platform experience
Deliver a high-quality multi-platform experience

Test automation from the UI, to the APIs, through the backend. Leverage preferred frameworks, languages and platforms; test earlier, scale to more devices and technologies, and increase quality.

AI-powered, intelligent test automation
AI-powered, intelligent test automation

Increase test automation speed and efficiency with AI-infused automated testing. Reduce test creation time and maintenance, boost test coverage, and increase resiliency of testing assets.

Friction-free continuous testing
Friction-free continuous testing

Collaborate across the lifecycle. Enhance ROI and remove bottlenecks by virtualizing services and APIs. Gain efficiencies by integrating with other commercial and open source products.

Flexible hassle-free mobile device test management
Flexible hassle-free mobile device test management

Mobile testing simplifies the management of mobile devices and emulators. Consume devices on-premises, hosted remotely, or emulated – and manage the mobile device lab through SaaS or on-premises.

  • UFT One

    UFT One

    Intelligent test automation for web, mobile, API, hybrid, RPA, and enterprise apps. Reduce the cost, time spent, and complexity of automating functional testing processes through an intuitive, visual user experience.

    • Automated testing of more than 200 technologies across mobile, web, SAP, mainframes, Salesforce, Java, PDF, Citrix, and more.
    • Accelerates continuous testing feedback through direct integration with source control and CI/CD tools.
    • Run tests at scale with full parallel, cross-browser and cross-device mobile testing.
  • UFT Developer

    UFT Developer

    A “shift left” solution designed for continuous testing and continuous integration. Combine the best features of code-driven testing with the power of UFT One to support Agile and DevOps teams in the creation of tests through an integrated plugin for standard IDEs

    • Leverage open source testing frameworks and tools like BDD, Selenium and Appium.
    • Build test automation for web, mobile, mainframe, .Net, Java, and SAP applications using the preferred IDE and testing frameworks.
    • Eliminate testing bottlenecks caused by API dependencies and availability with Service Virtualization.
  • UFT Mobile

    UFT Mobile

    Enterprise-level end-to-end lab of real mobile devices and emulators to support continuous testing for omni-channel applications.

    • Enterprise Lab management for mobile devices, emulators and applications to support continuous delivery.
    • Run manual, automated, performance, and security mobile app tests on real mobile devices or emulators for native, hybrid and web.
    • Access remote devices in your preferred IDE to accelerate continuous integration activities.
  • Business Process Testing (BPT)

    Business Process Testing (BPT)

    Capture business process flows and store them as reusable, data-driven components for automated tests. Place the power of building, data driving, and executing tests in the hands of the experts who may have little scripting knowledge.

    • Capture and store business process flows as reusable, data-driven components for tests without needing extensive scripting knowledge.
    • Design and develop a scalable test framework on top of UFT One's industry-leading technology and environment support.
    • Leverage the power of codeless to capture high-level test flows and mirror actual business processes.
  • Service Virtualization

    Service Virtualization

    Create realistic, production environment simulations of application behavior and virtual services to stay on schedule and focused on service quality – not service constraints.

    • Quickly create simulations and virtual services with pre-packaged wizards and broad protocol support.
    • Deliver enterprise scalability and high performance simulations for performance and functional testing.
    • Enable virtualization across the continuous delivery pipeline with integrated functional, performance, and continuous integration tools.

Intelligent test automation for web, mobile, API, hybrid, RPA and enterprise apps

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